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Friday, June 12, 2015

Watercolor Card Using Stampers Big Brush Artist Pens

Hi everyone, I'm excited today to share with you a watercolor technique using Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft's® Stamper's Big Brush Artist Pens.  It is super simple to do.  

 I'm going to use these supplies from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®

In addition you will need 

a small round paintbrush 
a small flat paintbrush
cold press watercolor paper
clean water

Here is a video showing how I created this beautiful card. 

Wasn't that fun and simple? 

In the photo above photo, you can see how the sharp lines of the Aquarella black pencil really helped to define the texture in the wood grain. 

And here you can see how just adding a little dark turquoise pen helps the shadows really pop under the flower petals!  Also the touches of the darker grey marker helps to separate the flower blossoms and show some depth in the arrangement.  Remember a little of this dark grey goes a long way! 

Here is a photo of my final card.

Who wouldn't want to receive this work of art in the mail?  I  decided to write a sentiment that would work if the recipient wanted to frame the card. 

I hope I have given you inspiration on using your Stamper's Big Brush Artist Pens for more than just stamping, shading and blending.  They make great watercolors when used properly.   Remember if you are inspired to create a project using this technique.  Tag me in your social media post using #FollowingTonyaGibbs  so I can admire your work! 

Thanks for stopping in today, 



a small round paintbrush 
a small flat paintbrush
cold press watercolor paper
clean water
Cardstock - Purple
Cardstock - off white

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