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Monday, November 21, 2016

Imagine the Possibilities for Yvonne Blair Designs


Oh imagine the possibilities when you say I'll try instead of I can't.  Well today I have a fun little project for you to try.  A little doodle art.  I'm using these great stamps from Yvonne Blair, to finish off my project, to create the perfect card!
Everyday Holds
These little doodle projects are easy to do and I find them very therapeutic.  You can easily complete one in a matter of minutes, and look at how fabulous they look on cards. 

You can keep them black and white or watercolor them like I did here to give them more interest.  The possibilities are endless.  I think these little guys would be fabulous on Christmas cards, Birthday cards, and even Holiday Tags.    If you only filled in part of the circle they would even be interesting. 
Here is the inside of the card:

Here is a quick video to show you how it is done.

Wasn't that easy as pie?   Ok I want to start seeing the internet filled with doodle wreaths.  If you decide to do one, make sure you #YBArtGirlFun  in social media so I can see what you did! 
Thanks for stopping in today.


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