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Sunday, December 18, 2011

From Scrappy Mess to Masterpiece

Some serious Holiday crafting has been going on in my room the last few weeks. Between Tim's 12 tags of Christmas, Cards, and some last minute gifts, I have had scraps up to my elbows. I wanted to share with you guys today a tip for turning those scraps into a work of Art.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas - 2011

For the 5th year Tim Holtz is hosting the 12 Tags of Christmas. This year I have decided to follow along as much as I can. To follow along yourself, please visit Tim's blog. Visit my YouTube Channel for a daily walk through of my tags.


Connect your Gypsy to your computer (USB cable) and turn it on then open Cricut Sync. Cricut Sync automatically searches for an update for your Gypsy. If your Gypsy is up to date, you will receive a message stating it is up to date, click "Ok" and a Gypsy Projects list will appear. From there, click on "Add Projects" and choose the file.

December 12, 2011
It is sad to see this series come to an end. But wow - it was fun. I learned some new technqiues and enjoyed the challenge of Not having 'everything' needed. On today's tag - I didn't have the 12" tissue tape - so I stamped my image on tissue paper and applied it to the surface of the tag. I love this look, and again you will see me using this technique again. Thank you guys for following me along on my creative journey with Tim this year.

Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 12
Here is my tag
Day 12

December 11, 2011
I wish I had the glossy paper for this tag. I improvised and used "photo paper". Photo Paper is not the same as the Ranger Glossy paper. Photopaper is designed to absorb ink while Rangers is designed to repel it. So there were different reactions, but I wanted the "glossy" finish. I also added Glossy Accents to my "Merry Christmas". It was fun working with this tag because I never in a million years would have thought to use my melting pot with the shrink plastic - I loved the effect, and will definately be trying this again in future projects.

Here is Tim's Tag

Tim's Version Day 11
Here is My tag
Day 11

December 10, 2011
Today's tag was fairly easy. I didn't have the plastic letters, banner die, or the stamps. But I think this one turned out pretty good!

Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 10
Here is my tag
Day 10

December 9, 2011
Today I was excited to share my journey with my 4 yr old nephew Cooper. He said "Aunt Tonya you have the coolest toys." And I believe he is right!

I used a stamp from Anna Griffin for the background and did the technique that Tim demonstrated. It is really cool because it has a nice orange peel texture to it. I didn't have the candlestick so I decided to use the lamp post and I think I really like that better.

Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 9
Here is my tag
Day  9

December 8, 2011

I was excited I had about 90% of the things Tim used in this tag. There were a lot of steps to this one, but it was a lot of fun, and I also loved the "steampunk" theme too!

I hand drew the architectural drawing in the white to match the one on the stamp, I substituted a ticket that Tim had given me in a class for the one on the original (I didn't have the stamp), and No red stickles so I used a red bling instead, and I used Lost & Found's Hand.

Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 8
Here is my tag
My Day 8

December 7, 2011
Well, on this tag I was missing all the stamps and the Kraft Glassine. I used a wax kraft bag that is often used to line trashcans. I will admit it was thinner and not as waxy as the Glassine that Tim sells, and but it worked in a pinch!

Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 6
Here is my tag
My Day 7

December 6, 2011
Today I didn't have the embossing folder. So I did the embossing the Old fashion way - with a stylus.
Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 6
Here is my tag
My Day 6

December 5, 2011
Today, was easy peasy.
Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 5
Here is my tag
My Day 5

December 4, 2011
Today, I was challenged to find a way to create the 25 in the center of the snowman and the Snowflake on the edge die. Also - I was missing the weathered wood distress ink and stain, and the stamps that Tim used. I had stamps that were similar so I used them. For the 25 I die cut the snowman, then added him to my Cricut Cutting mat, and cut the 25 from the Basecamp Cartride. I create the snowflake on the ege die using my cricut and the George and Christmas cartridge. You can download these files here:

(Right click and Save as).
Download Gypsy File the 25 Download Gypsy File Snowflake on the Edge

Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 4
Here is my tag
My Day 4

December 3, 2011
Today, I was challenged to find a way to create the embossed look without the embossing folder. I decided to emboss my design with the embossing powders like yesterday's tag. Also - again no Hollyday die or coordinations paper. But I found a way to duplicate the look of the coordinations paper. I show how to do this technique on my YouTube channel.

Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 3
Here is my tag
My Day 3

December 2, 2011
Today's tag was even harder than yesterdays. I spent the entire day thinking "oh no - he used his kraft resist holiday paper - I don't have it". Well I improvised using my Photoshop skills. Also - I didn't have the charm for the top so I used the imagine token instead. I hope you enjoy...

Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 2
Here is my tag
My Day 2

December 1, 2011
Today's tag was a killer for me. I only had the bobbles, seam binding, and pinecone die. I really had to think creatively to make this tag resemble Tim's version. Tim suggested that we use what we have on hand. Don't spend additional money if possible. I think this really helps to expand the creative process.
(Right click and save file as)
Download the "Noel" Gypsy File

Here is Tim's Tag
Tim's Version Day 1
Here is my tag
My Day 1

In my version - I mounted a blue cardstock to chipboard, then embossed it with a cuttlebug jacket that had flowers and swirls on it. I then cut Tim's snowflake dies from the colored cardstock, then embossed it with a clear halographic glitter, and placed them ontop of the flowers that were on the embossed design. I created the Noel using the Blackletter Cartridge and my Gypsy. I cut the word from chipboard then embossed it with silver and covered that with fine clear glitter. (I didn't have silver glitter, because I don't care for the look of glitter. I thought this was a great compromise. I also didn't have the holiday flourish spray die that Tim used for the flower swag. So I used the Holly branch, and the holly from the lamp post die. I didn't have the banner either so I took a strip of music scrap paper, and tore the ends to resemble the banner, and distressed all the edges.

I know mine doesn't have the same "dirty distressed look" that Tim's has, but I'm super proud that I was able to achieve a similar tag without spending any money. I can't wait to see what tomorrow's tag looks like.
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