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Friday, August 20, 2010

About Me

So What is a Psycho Mom?
How did I get this name?

Well, I volunteer a lot of my time with "Kid" Oriented Not-For-Profit organizations. I sometimes feel like every single one of them belong to me. I love the way they seek me out in public just to give me a hug. Those are the best hugs. I love it when they come off the Football field Sweaty Nasty and Smelling funny and they give me hugs. (Those are my Favorites). I never turn one down. Anyway, these adorable kids named me Psycho Mom it was a nickname that I fell in love with. Psycho usually has such a negative meaning to it, but when you look the word up it means Crazy, Passionate about something. That is exactly what I am. Passionate about everything I do. So my husband thought it was a great brand and bought me a scrapbook store. He named is Psycho Moms Scrapbooks & More. I was really sad when I had to close it due to health problems.

I came up with this to describe a Psycho Mom I hope you enjoy and embrace it with the same passion that I did.

A Psycho Mom is a Mom who spends hours enhancing the life of her children. She builds traditions, and experiences. She cherishes the moments spent in the car, reviewing spelling words and homework on the way to the ballfield. She eats dinner out of a bag, as she hurries to practice. She volunteers for everything her child is involed with. She can be heard cheering for her kids 100 yards away.

Her main priority is making sure her kids are well rounded, and their childhood becomes a memory to share. She gets upset when she misses the perfect photo opportunity. But when she catches it, she drives everyone crazy sharing it with them.

One day she will slow down long enough to clean house, take care of laundry, and make time for herself. But for now, those things can wait. Her ultimate reward is when her children have children, and they say "Mom, how did you do it?" She will then pull out the book of her life, and reflect on the memories they made.

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