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Friday, June 6, 2014

Glue Dots Marion Smith Designs Blog Hop

Hi everyone - I'm excited to be hopping along with you today with Glue Dots® & Marion Smith Designs. Make sure to visit both Brand's blogs from June 6 - June 8! There are so many amazing projects being shared!

Make sure you comment and subscribe to each blog, as we will be picking some lucky winners to win some awesome new products from both Marion Smith Designs and Glue Dots®!

Links to each blog can be found on the following sites Marion Smith Designs and Glue Dots®

Today, I'm sharing with you a tutorial on how I created these lovely yellow flowers using Marion Smith's new Bloom Impression Tool, Rose Die and Glue Dots® in 1 inch and 2 inches.


 I used Marion's Peony Petal die for the purple roses and the rose die for the Yellow Roses.  The more petals you use the fuller your flower will appear! 

Start by using Marion's Rose Petal Die to cut out about 20 cuts of the Large and Small die.  Color them all with your favorite mist.  I used Tattered Angel's Sunshine.  For this flower, I also used Georgia Pacific 110lb Cardstock.

Wad each petal into a ball and allow to dry for about 15 - 30 mins. You want your flowers to be damp, but not WET.  A good judge is if you lay it on a surface and the surface is damp then wait a bit longer.  If the paper is too wet, it will rip.  Too dry - and it doesn't want to shape!  It may take some practice getting the right feel for the amount of dampness. 

Place the petal onto the tool so that the edge of the die, is laid on top of the rim of the tool, and allow the remaining portions to spill into the center cavity. 

Place the cover over the top of the bottom piece.  Twist the tool from side to side.  Remove the blossom.

This is how your petals should appear!  I repeated this process for all the petals.  

This is a photo of the finished petals.  You will need about 20 petals/flower 

I used a 2" glue dot and adhered a 2" circle to the top of the dot.

Remove the packaging from the back of the glue dot, and begin to layer your petals around the circle with the Glue Dot surface up.  The Glue Dot has a Super Strong bond.

 I recommend  4 large petals on the bottom layer. Overlapping them slightly

Next, attach a 1 inch Glue Dot to the center of the cluster, and begin to add your second layer of petals offsetting them so that your second layer is in-between the gaps of the bottom layer's petals.  

Repeat this step until your flower is your desired thickness.   Use the smaller petals as you get to the top of the flower.

Remove a 2 inch glue dot from it's packaging.

Roll the dot in your hand to form a ball as you remove it from the package. Don't "over" handle the dot or it will lose its stickiness.  Place the rolled Dot into the center of the flower cluster.

Pour Micro beads into the center of your flower over the Glue Dot.

Use your finger to firmly press the beads into the Glue Dot.

Shake off excess Micro beads.  They stick by static cling sometimes, so a paintbrush can be used to remove them from unwanted areas.

 Here is your finished flower.
I created this lovely canvas to showcase my beautiful flowers.   The purple flowers were made the same way, however, I used the Peony die in place of the Rose petal.

I used Marion's new Motley collection and Junque and Gems to create this mixed media canvas. 

Thank you for hopping along with Marion Smith Designs & Glue Dots. Don't forget to leave a comment and Subscribe while your here. 

Be sure to check out the Design Team blogs for more inspiration.

Happy Hopping Scrappers. 

Glue Dots® are double-sided adhesives that bond instantly to virtually any surface. They are mess-free, acid-free, non-toxic, and require no dry time; making them great for paper crafts, scrapbooking, decorating, home décor projects and more! 

Products from Marion Smith Designs are available at and for online ordering.  You can also find Glue Dots® products, including the new Desktop Dispenser, online at or at your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.


  1. absolutely stunning. I love the technique!!!

  2. What a beautiful canvas and great techniques!

  3. The flowers are beautiful. Thanks for the detailed instructions on making them.

  4. Tonya,
    What a beautiful flower, love the project it's on, so colorful. Glue Dots are a whole lot easier than glue when working with separate petals.

  5. Great flower. I love how you did the center of the one flower. Amazing tips!

  6. that tutorial is just amazing!! Can't wait to receive my tool and play with it :)

  7. wow..what an interesting tutorial for the XL glue dots! thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  8. Gorgeous project! Love it so much! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. I love the flowers. I really want to get my hands on to that bloom impressions tool. It looks pretty cool and I'm all about making my own flowers. Beautiful work.

  10. Great canvas & beautiful flowers - the micro beads really finish them off!

  11. What beautiful flowers! I love the colors you used on your canvas. Everything, the colors and the flowers is exquisite.

  12. Love your colors on your canvas! The flowers are gorgeous! Using Glue Dots® on your flowers make it so easy! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  13. Girlfriend you rocked this blog love your canvas and wonderful tutorial!! thanks for hopping.


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