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Monday, November 25, 2013

Santa's List Holiday Organizer by Tonya Gibbs

Hi everyone, 

The Holiday season is quickly approaching, and I'm not sure about you, but my house hold is a whirl-wind of activities this time of year.  Each year I create an Organizer/Planner to keep track of the craziness. When I started this project several years ago, I was looking for a place to trap receipts menus, calendars, card lists, shopping lists, groceries lists, coupons, sales fliers etc...  It has evolved into a true keepsake throughout the years.  It is fun to look back at all the ciaos from year to year.

This year, I created my planner with Teresa Collins Designs' Santa's List.   I just love the red and whites they are so clean, and really get me into the Christmas mood.  

I altered an Avery 6x9 inch white 3 ring binder that you can find at any department store in the office supply section.

I added lace and trims along the edge to soften up binder's hard exterior.  I also used Gold paper to accent my papers. Since the book would be tossed in the car, and dragged in and out of stores, I decided to sew down all the stickers

The Dividers
I have 3 dividers in this notebook,   Planner,  Cards, and Gifts. The dividers were cut on my silhouette using 3 bracket file folders by Lori Whitlock. I cut the folders in half with the knife tool in the design studio software and only "cut" the half that had the tabs.  This allowed me to make the folders wider so they fit the proportions of my notebook. I used the alpha set on the sticker sheet to label my tabs, then sewed across the bottom of them to make sure that they don't fall off from over use.  

I included the sticky notes from the collection for extra labeling and note taking.

Inside Cover
I love having a little something to take notes in that can easily be added to my purse and then replaced in the planner later.  Teresa's Sewed Journals fit nicely in the pockets.  I love that the December Stamp in the Santa's List Stamp set starts on Sunday with day 1.  Since this year December 1st in on a Sunday it made it a great visual reference for the dates through out the book.

Here is a video with a complete walk through of the book.

I hope this organizer will help give you some ideas for your own holiday planning.   I'm so happy I've adopted this and it will be fun to go back and flip through it after the first of the year when it is a documented mess.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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1 comment:

  1. Tonya, what a wonderful idea.. wish I was that organized.. Maybe I could be.


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