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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oldies But Goodies - Tools From the Past

With CHA right around the corner – I know there are going to be heart stopping products that will become must haves.  We will replace yesterday’s must haves with these latest and greatest products.  It is a vicious cycle.  We have a lot of money invested in these tools, and they are still very useful.  I found myself resurrecting a few of them this week, and thought I would share with you how I showed them some love.

1.     Eyelet setting hammer  -  Remember having to BANG BANG BANG your eyelets into your projects.  Then the Crop-a-dile, from We Are Memory Keepers, was released and the hammer was tossed to the side.  Recently, I pulled the little hammer out of hiding and used it to distress a wooden cigar box. 

2.    The Grommet Setter from Making Memories had my toes tingling.  I HAD TO HAVE IT! It was like the coolest thing with the ginormous flower grommets.  I recently pulled it out to set an Eyelet too big for my crop-a-dile.  Also - Now that I'm thinking about it, I may just use it again this week to add a few of those flowers to a canvas. SO FUN.

3.     Dekled Edge Scissors  - GASP – you say.  Well, if used properly, these scissors can be a lot of fun.  I wanted a really tattered edge on an envelope  and decided to use these scissors.  I’ve also used them to cut fun shapes for mixed media projects.

4.     The old old Sizzix Dies remember the ones with crazy frames – no one ever shows them love anymore.  However,  I’ve been going through my stash of dies lately and found some great oldies to include in my mixed media projects and journals.   Example:  This frame was so popular,  but I haven't used it since 2007.  I recently cut some packaging with it, then dry embossed it and used alchol inks to give it new life.

5.     Remember this guy? I never could get this to cut properly. I have hurrled that little tool into the air so many times out of frustration.  I recently used the cutting plates as a stencil to spray interesting patterns on a project in my art journal.    Take your distress applicator tool and use the sides of the stencils to make beautiful borders on your journal pages.

Do you have tools that you have put away and forgotten about?    I challenge you to pull them out and find a new use for them.

Next week I want to explore products of the past that are making their way into my current proejcts.
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