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Friday, May 24, 2013

Embellishments from Scraps

Last weekend I was in my studio and really not feeling like starting a new project. Can you say brain dead?  Well, when I get like that I always clean.  I just made a mini album, that I will share with you in a future post, and I had a lot of little pieces left on my desk, floor, and scrap box.  I set out to make cards (as I usually do with these little pieces), but I really wasn't in a 'card' making mood. I recently made a large stack of them so I didn't need any at the moment.  Well,  I was hanging out with a friend and piddling around  (pid·dling  To spend time aimlessly; diddle.).   Yes not giving much thought into what I was doing.  The next thing I knew I had stapled a few scraps to a tag, stamped a few images and fussy cut them out, and first scrap embellishment was born.   By the end of the day, I had made 8 of these from various scraps, stamped images, die cuts, and extra ephemera pieces. 
I have a bucket on my desk that includes what I call One Hit Wonders.  These are small pieces that were left overs from recent projects (not worth keeping the packaging) so I toss them in the bucket.  A single flower, a stamped image that wasn't used, an inch of ribbon/lace, a button, a die cut etc... they seem like pieces that you would just toss, but clustered together, they are cute!  

On YouTube a few weeks back I shared a video on making small banners that were sewed together.  One of them is being used in the tag that says fun times above.  Clustered together these itty bitty pieces of nothing form a cute layered embellishment to be included on your scrapbook pages, cards, or in your mini albums.
I had a variety pack of small papers from 7Gypsies laying on my desk.  I clustered those around this 5x7 photograph on my desk,  placed a few photo reels that I cut from a 6x6 paper pad from Echo Park, a few paper doilies die cut from an MFT doily die out of scrap paper and this layout was born.  Since the photograph had so much negative space in the upper left hand corner, I decided to use one of my embellishment pieces for the journaling to hide the wall.  Then I sprinkled a few sequences to mimic a flash.  I love how this  "Scrap" layout turned out. 
Oh btw those are my beautiful children all grown up!
I would love to see your scrap embellies - please post them on the Facebook page and make sure you tag me in them.
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Tonya Gibbs


  1. Great idea to make these scrap embellies! Love your creativity. Enjoyed the video. I can now clean out the 6 boxes I have of "leftover stuff", file them by color scheme and have a little bit of space on my desk to do projects. I LOVE using scraps since it stretches my imagination but it's a double edged sword since I save everything. Now I have a reason to use it all up!!!!!! Yea for Tonya!

    1. If you make them right away then they don't pile up. I like to take my bucket of 1 hit wonders to the living room and make things while I'm watching tv.

  2. Love this idea Tonya. I always have a heap of stuff leftover. Will have to have a "going through" my boxes of scraps and give it a go. Inspired, thanks.

    1. Oh, I'm so happy I could inspire you. I would love to see the ones you make.

  3. I just happened to come across your you tube video and loved the creative way you used up your scraps. Thank you for your darling ideas.


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