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Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Night Lights

For those who know me - my passion is FOOTBALL. Seriously I even volunteer so that I can stand on the sidelines with my toes in the grass. In my community - I'm known as Psychomom. They dubbed me this years ago. Every child I've ever photographed will tell you the name is well earned. They know if they are playing, I'm on the sidelines for them!  I pace the field with lens in hand, and hold my breath for that perfect SHOT!  I rush home, spend an hour cropping and posting so the kids/parents can see the photos.   It started when my son played his first game as a Pop Warner Mitey-Mite at 7 - he is now 16 and this is his first year at Varsity. 

A few weeks ago,  thanks to a friend who works for a local newspaper, I had a sideline bird's eye view for his first varsity football interception. 

That game he had 2 interceptions in the pouring rain.  So I decided to make an 8x10 collage print to hang on his wall.  As you can see I have every single step from before he caught the ball, until he jumped up!  Prints like this are great for sharing a number of pictures with loved ones.  I love making these because at a glance you get the entire story.

This year has been a little different because his stats are not just small talk among family, they are now posted in various newspapers around the state, and broadcast on local news stations.  I'm trying to collect up the stats from the newspapers and Internet highlights to make him a book . I'm so proud of him for giving everything on the field.  He has worked so hard, and it is so rewarding to see him put everything into his passions.  He may not be the largest one on the field, but he plays like he is 10ft tall and bullet proof. 

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Tonya Gibbs

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